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HaT 8311 Napoleonic Naval Cannon & Crew. 1/72 Scale.

HaT 8311 Napoleonic Naval Cannon & Crew. 1/72 Scale.


HaT 8311 Napoleonic Naval Cannon & Crew. 1/72 Scale.

You get 32 crew and 8 naval cannons. Paint & glue not included.

nb - These poses first featured as part of HaT's earlier set 8098. Originally designated as British these crew figures can be used for navies of other nations and other eras.

Plastic colour may vary from that shown in the stock photos.

Drum & Flag Tip: Always wash plastic figures in warm soapy water, rinse well and allow to dry as preparation before painting. This removes the moulding agent that sometimes makes the paint not want to stick. Stirring and/or shaking your paint throughly also ensures you get a good quality application and finish. Varnish to protect your paint work.

This item is brand new & boxed. Not suitable for young children.

Need some help understanding toy soldier scales?

The difference between 1:72 scale and 1:32 scale figures is simply their size.

1:72 scale standing infantry figures are typically about 20-25mm tall whilst 1:32 scale foot figures usually come in at about 54-60mm or more high. (For those working in Imperial units 25mm is roughly 1 inch). The manufacturers interpret scales differently so these guidelines are general approximations only. For more info on 1:72 scale figures, including reviews and pose pictures, visit the excellent plasticsoldierreview website.




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