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HAT 8018: Republican Roman Hastati & Velites. 1/72.

HAT 8018: Republican Roman Hastati & Velites. 1/72.


HaT: Republican Roman Hastati & Velites. 1/72 Scale

You get 48 unpainted plastic figures ideal for taking on Hannibal's Carthaginians in the Punic Wars. 

Visit for reviews, poses and a wealth of other information on plastic figures in this scale. 

If you need paints, brushes, flock etc I sell these accessories in my eBay shop.

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This item is brand new & boxed. Not suitable for young children. Box artwork may vary from that shown.

Need some help understanding toy soldier scales?

The main difference between 1:72 scale and 1:32 scale figures is simply their size.

1:72 scale standing infantry figures are typically about 20-25mm tall whilst 1:32 scale foot figures usually come in at about 54-60mm or more high. (For those working in Imperial units 25mm is roughly 1 inch). The manufacturers interpret scales differently so these guidelines are general approximations only. For more info on 1:72 scale figures, including reviews and pose pictures, visit the excellent plasticsoldierreview website.


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