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CAESAR Fantasy Set #102 - ELVES. 1/72 SCALE PLASTIC

CAESAR Fantasy Set #102 - ELVES. 1/72 SCALE PLASTIC


CAESAR Fantasy Set #102 - ELVES. 1/72 SCALE PLASTIC

You get an assortment of 35 unpainted plastic figures in various poses.


1.) Plastic colour and packaging may change over time from that shown in the stock photos.

2.) Sometimes the pose mix and exact figure count in some Caesar sets can vary a little - please only buy with this in mind

3.) Most Caesar sets come with loose bagged separate individual figures with small sprue sections attached. A minority come on larger sprue frames

4.) Some minor assembly may be require. Glue and paints are NOT included.

This product is not suitable for young children.

Related Sets: Caesar have produced 1/72 scale Orcs, Goblins, Adventurers, Elves, Undead, Ratmen, Lizardmen, Zombies etc. See also Dark Alliance.

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Need some help understanding toy soldier scales?

The difference between 1:72 scale and 1:32 scale figures is simply their size.

1:72 scale standing human infantry figures are typically about 20-25mm tall whilst 1:32 scale foot figures usually come in at about 54-60mm or more high. (For those working in Imperial units 25mm is roughly 1 inch). The manufacturers interpret scales differently so these guidelines are general approximations only. For more info on 1:72 scale figures, including reviews and pose pictures, visit the excellent plasticsoldierreview website.

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