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About Drum & Flag

Coronavirus - International customers please be aware that there may be considerable shipping delays to some orders and some countries (eg Canada) due to Covid-19 so please be patient.

Reductions in aircraft and lower staffing levels in postal services worldwide as well as local lockdowns are making things unpredictable. Please be patient and only order on that basis.



Welcome to Drum & Flag - the 1/72 & 1/32 scale plastic toy soldier specialist.

The business is a one-man band operation run and owned by me - Rupert Mitchell - hello!

In 2015 having clocked up over a decade selling on eBay I decided the time was right to launch my own webstore as well - hence this site. Now in 2020 I really only use ebay to 'showcase' a small fraction of my stock and the vast majority of my business is via the webstore.

My eBay user id is flagbearer101 and this year I registered my 56,000 positive ebay feedback from customers in over 80 different countries. For new customers you can take a look at my ratings there to get some idea and reassurance of what it is like to trade with me: flagbearer101.

Prior to turning my hobby into a business I worked in book publishing which allowed me to travel a fair bit to the USA and across most of Europe, including a two year stint living in lovely Amsterdam.

This had the major side benefit of enabling me to visit some fabulous overseas model shops I would never otherwise have seen as well as taking in historic battlefields and military museums etc...

My aim is to send out your orders quickly, in the condition described and at a fair price. Swift and friendly communication is also something I strive for - I will answer your messages as fast as I can.

Brands I stock include Strelets, HaT, Expeditionary Force, Linear-a, Vallejo Game Color, Waterloo 1815, Red Box, Chin Toys, Mars, Italeri, Caesar, Zvezda, Dark Alliance, A Call to Arms, TSSD, CTS, Orion, Armies in Plastic, Emhar, Paragon, Imex, Armourfast, Pegasus, Revell and many others. 

I specialise in plastic 1/72 scale and 1/32 scale figures & accessories but do occasionally have some other items as well such as 28mm etc...

Historical themes covered span the biblical era through to WW2. I do also stock a few more modern era sets and some fantasy figures such as those from Dark Alliance & Caesar which are always popular.

The vast majority of my stock is brand new. I do also buy up collections and sell vintage collectables and pre-owned used items from time to time. The non-new stock is clearly marked as such.

All listings have a live stock level indicator showing you what quantities are physically on hand for you to order at any given time. If you need more than you see or you have a special order request please message me and I'll try to help.

I usually get re-supplies of most currently available and in production stock at least once or twice per week. Some 1/32 scale stock is sourced from overseas and restocks are much less frequent of these items (eg TSSD, Paragon, AIP, Americana, CTS, Ex-Force etc...) so get them whilst you can.

Wargamers, modellers, military history enthusiasts, collectors, painters, diorama builders and gift givers are all catered for and I share many of these hobbies myself.

My particular interests are Lord of the Rings in 28mm. In 1/72 scale - Napoleonics, American Civil War and WW2. And lastly Rome & Her Enemies in 54-60mm. I post hobby pics & info in my store blog from time to time: .

Unfortunately as of 07/10/19 comments on my blog posts have had to be disabled due to automated spammers. But you can still message me using the contact form about my blog posts though if you wish.

The mail order only business is run from Stone in Staffordshire, UK with parcels sent out all over the world. Except when very busy parcels usually go out the same day if ordered before noon Monday to Friday.

Most major credit & debit cards and Paypal are accepted. Sorry but I do not accept cheques or postal orders. I also no longer accept payment by IBAN or bank transfer due to the number of non-paying 'buyers'.

Details of Drum & Flag's Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Refunds Policy can be found in the checkout area before you enter your details or pay for anything.

Like most businesses selling (or making) toy soldiers Drum & Flag is a very small enterprise - just one person in my case - me! It's often the love of what we do that drive us rather than any financial return as certainly in my experience the margins are generally pretty thin and the hours long. 

You can help me to continue serving you into the future by bearing this in mind and doing things as simple as ensuring you provide the correct & full address details for your parcels. This is so that they do not end up being returned to me and then require sending out again with a second lot of postage costs.

Please feel free to message me with any questions or feedback on the site using the contact form below. You can also use this form if you have a collection for sale and think I may be interested in buying it.

Lastly you can also find me on: