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Welcome to my Store

COUNTDOWN SALE UPDATE (30/11/23): Today is Thursday and the countdown sale is at £9. Tomorrow the most expensive items left in the sale will be £8. 

PERSONAL HOBBY BLOG (27/11/23): Once Drum & Flag closes my personal hobby blog will be at . At present it's just a bare site to get the url in place but when I get a chance I will migrate over my old blog posts, write new ones and develop the design etc...

COUNTDOWN SALE (20/11/23): I have put most of my remaining items into a new Countdown Sale section of the webstore. From today (20/11/23) onwards I will be reducing the price of the highest priced sale items by £1 per day (give or take a few pence) until anything that’s left unsold in 18 days time on December 8th will be priced at only £1. The highest priced qualifying items going into today were £19.95 and they have now been reduced to £19. Tomorrow if still unsold they and anything else currently priced at £19 will be reduced to £18 and so on each day. So if you are interested in something your dilemma is whether to wait for a lower price or to buy it now in case someone else buys it before you do.

CLOSING DOWN UPDATE (19/11/23) - Many thanks for all the goodwill messages and large number of orders that have flowed in over the past few weeks - much appreciated. I will now very likely close before Christmas rather than in Q1 2024. Please keep checking back until then as I am still finding items to upload and I will also be steadily reducing many prices as closure draws ever nearer. Paints have all gone now.

CLOSING DOWN ANNOUNCEMENT (26/10/23) – After nearly 20 years I have decided to call it a day before too much longer. My financial year ends on March 31st 2024 so dependent on how quickly the stock sells off I will close at some stage between now and then. I have lowered the prices of most items to help move them. It is unlikely I will be stocking very much new during this close out period but there are probably a few more used items to upload. If you have had your eye on something get it whilst you still can. Likewise if you refer at all to any of the info or photos on my blog posts, my Facebook page or my Pinterest page those will be taken down in due course. I do however hope to start up a new personal blog once I close and get more time to spend on my hobby when it is no longer my business. A very big thank you to all my customers for your fantastic support over the years - be it from my early days in the Warwick shop, my ebay store or my own website of more recent years. Very best wishes, Rupert

Postage - UK p&p is £4.99. UK orders over £75 are free postage. International p&p is by item weight in checkout.
International Pricing - Non-UK customers will pay the ex-VAT prices displayed in my store. Upon receipt of your parcel you will have to pay your local customs fees & taxes and any handling charges from your postal service. This includes the EU.

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