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Expeditionary Force 60LWG01 - Late War German Infantry – Rifles Assault Section (1944-1945) - 60mm Plastic
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Expeditionary Force 60LWG01 - Late War German Infantry – Rifles Assault Section (1944-1945) - 60mm Plastic


Expeditionary Force 60LWG01 - Late War German Infantry – Rifles Assault Section (1944-1945) - 60mm Plastic

The set contains 9 unpainted plastic model soldiers in various poses as pictured. Some assembly required. Glue & paints not included.

Not suitable for young children.

What the maker's say:

"By the later part of the war in Western Europe and Russia (1944-1945), the iconic German jack-boots were replaced with ankle-boots and gaiters. The mechanised warfare of WW2 involved high mobility and dispersal, traversing varied terrains in a single battle. Individual camouflage was quickly recognised as essential. Camo-smocks became widely issued to the frontline soldiers, with the Waffen SS taking the lead.

This box-set contains 9 model soldiers comprising of 1 sergeant, 1 light-machine gunner and 7 riflemen in an assault scenario. The weapons, heads and arms are interchangeable and will enable the assembly of at least 20 different action models. As the models are meant to be part of a single platoon or company, the variation in dress and equipment can be expected to be minimal.

My preference has always been for models to be in battledress but before the first bullet. We do not sculpt-in the wear-&-tear of men in battle because each plastic casting is designed to be used repeatedly. Having the same tear at the same spot for multiple models would be nonsensical in our context. (Plastic production has to be in mass volume.)

A rifle squad of the period is often divided into two groups: one with the firepower centres around the light machine-gun, and the other forms the rifle assault group. The squad is commanded by either a sergeant or a corporal. We have modelled him armed with the famous assault rifle, StG44. The light machine gun is the MG34.

The assault troops would be composed of rifle men armed with the Kar98k short carbine as well as the ubiquitous stick grenade and of course, the deadly Panzerfaust (armour-punch). As the Panzerfaust was a single shot weapon, a slung rifle is a needed accessory for the pose.

The last photo below gives an idea of the size of the model. The Japanese soldier on the left is 54mm range. Note that the thickness of the models’ bases is 2 mm. The German model at the centre below is a 60mm model from our existing WW2 GRM series. The new 60mm model of this box-set is on the right.

There will be two more box-sets in this series to cover the essential weaponry of the period: heavy machine gun, mortar, Panzerschreck, flame-thrower, etc."

Note: The models are made from non-phthalate plastics and tested for compliance with toy safety regulations. 

"International buyers – please note: Import duties, taxes, and charges aren't included in the item price or postage cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility."

"Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying."

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