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Expeditionary Force 60NMQ01 - Armed Medieval Peasants (14th Century) - 60mm Plastic.
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Expeditionary Force 60NMQ01 - Armed Medieval Peasants (14th Century) - 60mm Plastic.


Expeditionary Force 60NMQ01 - Armed Medieval Peasants (14th Century) - 60mm Plastic.

These are unpainted 60mm plastic model soldiers for gamers and collectors. Some assembly required. 

What the maker's say:

"The set contains 9 model soldiers comprising of 1 peasant leader and 8 armed peasants. The weapons, heads and arms are interchangeable to enable the assembly of at least 20 different postures. 

Note that there will be a B option set where the leader will be replaced with a medieval monk. We could not fit the monk model into this set (toolings) and thus has to be included in the next one.

Peasant rebellion is a frequent occurrence during the middle ages. It is usually triggered by some local abuse resulting in an impetuous reaction in fury. The participants simply pick up their everyday farm tools and attack their masters. They are really just impromptu mobs and have not much combat capabilities.

However, occasionally, the rebellion gains momentum and transforms into a formidable peasant army.  By this stage, the members of the army can be expected to be better dressed and armed (through loot and purchase), and better organized as well.

The model on the left (in photo #2) is intended to be the band leader. Five different weapons are depicted above: pitch-fork, scythe, maul, billhook and bill. All these are improvised weapons made from available farm tools.

We felt that the irregular shape soft plastic (N-PVC) poles are more appropriate for a peasant army rather than the smooth and straight hard plastic (ABS) polearms of professional soldiers

Against armoured opponents, polearms are a better option for unarmoured men as they have greater cutting force due to its longer leverage and permit the keeping of distance from the opponent’s reach.

Nonetheless, the hand axe is a powerful weapon in the hands of a person familiar with its use. Clubs and slings from the barbarian sets (Celts and Germans) can also be used to increase the weapon options for these models.

A close up of some of the models. The left model depicts a peasant leader, perhaps a returned crusader and a defrocked monk. His military experience gives him the quality for a leadership role.

The usual dress of a peasant of the 14th century is the hooded cape, a sleeved tunic and a pair of hose or trousers. They are often seen barefooted while moving about their farms but I believe that they would wear shoes if they are setting out for war.

We had originally planned to include archers in this set but, the number of poses and equipment will be severely limited, due to tooling space constraints. Accordingly, the archers will be in a separate set (60 NMQ 02) to be released later.

Also, no peasant revolt or any important enterprise of the medieval period could proceed without the blessings of a monk or preacher. We thus took the opportunity to include such a model in our second set.

It is the Black Death and the Hundred Years’ War that exacerbated the sufferings of the peasants so much that two major rebellions break out in the 14th Century: the French Jacquerie of 1358 and the English Wat Tyler’s Peasants’ Revolt of 1381.

Although the mob is an interesting subject, it is not really military in nature. We have therefore selected to model the armed peasants when it has become an army, capable of defeating soldiers sent against them.

 As the middle ages are still a feudal establishment, many medieval armies include a significant number of armed peasant levied from the barons’ lands. The models of this set will serve to depict such soldiers as well."

Note: The models are made from non-phthalate plastics and tested for compliance with toy safety regulations. Please note the actual content of the box-set may contain minor variations from the photographs.

Brand new and boxed. Unsuitable for small children.

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"Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying."

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