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Victrix Gallic Fanatics / LOTR Dunlending Hillmen Beserkers. 28mm (Hobby Post)


Victrix Gallic Fanatics / Dunlending Hillmen Beserkers. 28mm

I very much like the look of the growing range of Romans and their enemies from Victrix. But as I am already covering this era in 54mm I cannot allow myself to go down that path in 28mm.

I got round this self-imposed discipline by using the Gallic Naked Fanatics for my Lord of the Rings Dunlending army. Hence the black round shields - which also saved me from elaborate Celtic shield painting or decals.

Based on 40mm Victrix bases plus washers & coins for the various markers.

The markers denote unit worn/spent, disorder, breakthrough & low ammo. (I adapt the ACW Fire & Fury rules for all my gaming eras - keeps things simple for me!)

If interested in the unpainted versions of these figures yourself see here:

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