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The English Civil War in 54mm (Hobby Post)

RUPERT MITCHELL 1/32 Scale Blog 54mm English Civil War

The English Civil War in 54mm - 20/03/20

I've recently gathered forces for this conflict and thought I would share my experiences for anyone else considering doing like wise. I hope to update it, add more photos and polish it up a bit as I proceed overtime.

There were a lot of terms and phrases I had either not come across or understood properly before which added to the enjoyment of learning about a new period for me. (Eg Commanded Shot, Lobsters, Clubmen etc...)

Also if you are thinking just about Royalists vs Parliament or England alone think again. The 1640's (and just before & after) was a decade of conflict throughout the British Isles as a whole.

Hence this led me to look at Scots Covenanters, Montrose's Irish and the New Model Army for example.

You can pretty much interchange Parliament and Royalist units as they wore the same clothes which were often of the same colours. Separate command figures, stands or just flags allow you to customise them accordingly.

Depending on how accurate you wish to be you may however want to consider that as time went on musket rests and pikemen's breast plates seem to have been discarded. So a Parliament unit in red for say 1642 would not necessarily be a shoe in for a New Model Army unit of 1645 and later.

Army Size

ECW armies were generally a lot smaller than those of later conflicts such as the Napoleonic Wars or American Civil War. However for me this does not matter as I like to build armies that will fit well on my (12 x 6) tabletop and have the number of units that I can control with relative ease regardless of whether that represents 10,000 or 100,000 men.

I have gone for for infantry units of 14 figures each. 2 'sleeves' of muskeeters either side of 1 block of pikemen with 2 command figures behind the pike.

3 infantry units per battalia (brigade or division if you like) and 3 battalia per army.

In the ECW cavalry were often as numerous as infantry. I did not quite match this but decided on 2 battalia of horse each of 3 units. 4 figures per unit.

Artillery was not yet the 'Queen of the Battlefield' and you probably won't want more than 1 gun per infantry unit.

You may also want to field the odd unit of dragoons, commanded shot (musketeer units without pike) and a storming party etc...


A Call to Arms. These are the mainstay of my armies. Good value plastics with 8 different sets in production.

#1 Royalist vs Parliament

#2 Pikemen

#3 Royalist Musketeers

#5 Parliament Musketeers

#13 Cannon - 1 gun only per set.

#14 Royalist Artillery - Crew only. 16 figures in 4 poses per set.

#33 Cromwell's Ironsides

#34 Hasselrig's Lobsters.

More info on the A Call to Arms ECW range here: ECW in 1/32 Scale

Below - A quick test paint I did of a Royalist Musketeer converted into a Scottish Covenanter.

Scots Covenanter Conversion Test Paint. A Call to ArmsScots Covenanter Conversion Test Paint. A Call to Arms

Scots Covenanter Conversion Test Paint. A Call to ArmsScots Covenanter Conversion Test Paint. A Call to Arms 1/32 scale

Replicants - Several good plastic sets available.

Del Prado - Cavalry Through the Ages Series. 

Available via ebay. Prince Rupert & Cromwell's Ironside from the ECW plus Frederick of Orange, Marshall Turenne & Gustavus Adolphus from similar era.

All good quality factory painted metal.

Below - Prince Rupert command stand with converted cornet and Boye the dog. Figures are Del Prado. Ideal for higher echelon command stands as bigger size than A Call to Arms main troops but they don't look out of place on the same tabletop. 

Prince Rupert Command Stand. 60mm Del Prado

Prince Rupert Command Stand. 60mm Del Prado

Prince Rupert Command Stand. 60mm Del Prado

Prince Rupert Command Stand. 60mm Del Prado

Metal Castings from the likes of Alexander's Toy Soldiers, Dorset Model Soldiers, Irregular Miniatures and Tradition of London.

Above: Size comparisons - Del Prado > A Call to Arms > Dorset

Airfix plastic kits - Pikeman, Musketeer & Cavalier/Roundhead.

Safari Jamestown for useful if basic civilians

Britains cart horses and farm animals

Airfix Strongpoint as a ruined cottage

Americana Redoubts for sieges


I am looking to use Pike & Shotte / Black Powder but with whole combined units of pike & musket not each component (ie musket sleeve or pike block) being a unit in it's own right.

Warhammer Historical's o/p ECW rules also very useful.

Storage - Really Useful 9 or 12 litre plastic boxes.

Books - Ospreys, Dennis - Civil War paper soldiers with lots of useful info.

Websites - Loads of very helpful info out there covering all aspects of the conflict.

eg Little Wars

Film & TV - Cromwell, To Kill a King, The Devil's Whore. I missed the recent BBC Killing a King documentary series but hopefully it will be on iPlayer before too long.

Any comments or suggestions are most welcome. Unfortunately I have had to turn off the comments section of my blog as it get's spammed but you can message me using the contact tab at the top right of the page or click here:  Contact

Thanks for taking an interest - check back again soon for my latest blog articles.

If you fancy taking on some ECW or other period 1/32 scale figures yourself here's a few links to other parts of my store that you may find useful

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Best wishes

Rupert - Drum & Flag


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