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RUPERT MITCHELL New 1/72 stock blog

STRELETS - 14 (!) new sets due for late November release. Message me if you want me to order in bulk quantities for you. Well done to Strelets for keeping the new products flowing.

M122 Turkish Infantry in Tropical Uniform WWI 
M126 Serbian Infantry in Winter Uniform WWI 
M127 Arab Revolt Arab Infantry WWI 
M128 Imperial Japanese Army in Attack WWII 
M129 WWII Indian Infantry Heavy Weapons WWII 
M130 Polish Infantry WWI WWI
152 Pickett's Charge 2 Gettysburg American Civil War 
153 US Infantry in Attack 2 American Civil War 
156 Confederate Infantry Standing American Civil War 
157 Union Infantry Standing American Civil War 
162 British Infantry Standing at Ease Napoleonic 
163 Highlanders Standing at Ease Napoleonic 
164 Red Cavalry in Summer Dress Russian Civil War
139 Japanese Type 96 AA/AT Gun WWII

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  • Rupert Mitchell on

    Hi Patrick – I’ll message you when they are in. Rupert

  • patrick hiney on

    can you please order for me the new strelets sets m122 Turkish infantry in tropical uniform m126 Serbian infantry in winter uniform and m127 Arab revolt infantry ww1
    thank you

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