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HaT 2021 Releases


HaT New Sets & Re-releases due around October 2021

Coming soon from HaT


HaT 8221 WWI Italian ArditiHaT 8222 WWI Italian Heavy WeaponsHaT 8223 WWI Italian InfantryHaT 8331 WWI Italian Sampler Pack
HaT 9328 Nap. Austrian Infantry CommandHaT 9329 7YW Austrian FusiliersHaT 9330 7YW Austrian GrenadiersHaT 9331 7YW Austrian Infantry Command
The new Italian sets are all 1/72 scale & the new Austrian sets are all 1/32 scale.
New Sets
8221 WWI Italian Arditi
8222 WWI Italian Heavy Weapons
8223 WWI Italian Infantry

8331 WWI Italian Sampler Pack

9328 Nap. Austrian Infantry Command
9329 7YW Austrian Fusiliers
9330 7YW Austrian Grenadiers
9331 7YW Austrian Infantry Command
8307 Pen War British Light Dragoons
8308 Pen War British Heavy Dragoons
8340 Pen War British Dragoon Sampler
8170 French Guard Chasseurs 
8171 French Grenadiers & Voltigeurs 
8186 Pen. War British Infantry
8292 WWI British Exp Force
8293 WWI British Khaki Drill 
8182 Natal Native Horse
8209 British Mounted Infantry
8260 WWI German Wagon
8261 WW2 German Wagon
8262 WW2 German Tank Riders
8263 WW2 Russian Tank Riders
8264 WW2 British Tank Riders
8265 WW2 American Tank Riders
8095 French Line Infantry

HaT 8340 Pen War British Dragoon Sampler


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