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Strelets New Release List - Winter 2020

RUPERT MITCHELL New 1/72 stock blog

Strelets New Release List - Winter 2020

Strelets are aiming to release 17 new sets in mid-December all being well. There are also 3 welcome Napoleonic Marching set re-issues. Covid's impact on international shipping may throw up some challenges so fingers crossed they arrive as planned. For more info on these sets see the Strelets Website.

Strelets Set #161 Napoleonic Prussian 7th Uhlans

'M' Series

M143 Long Range Patrol at Rest (WW2)

M144 Long Range Desert Group (WW2)

M145 SAS Desert Ambush (WW2)

M146 French Foreign Legion in Camp (Rif War)

M147 French Foreign Legion in Attack (Rif War)

M148 Arabs in Retreat (WW1)

'R' Series

161 Prussian 7th Uhlans (Nap)

216 Russian Infantry Standing Shoulder Arms (Nap)

238 British Cavalry (WSS)

239 French Chevau-Legers & Gendarmes of the Guard (WSS)

248 Medieval City Levy (Med)

250 Vikings (Dark Ages)

271 Bavarian Infantry Standing Order Arms (Nap)

272 Bavarian Infantry on the March (Nap)

280 Africa Corps Mortar Squad (WW2)

281 Japanese Type 11 Gun with Crew (WW2)

291 M1916 37mm Gun with French Foreign Legion Crew (Rif War)


140 Napoleonic Highlanders on the March (Nap)

141 Napoleonic British Infantry on the March (Nap)

142 Napoleonic Polish Infantry on the March (Nap)

All 1/72 scale plastic.


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