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Strelets - December 2018 New Release List

RUPERT MITCHELL New 1/72 stock blog

Strelets - December 2018 New Release List

Here's the latest info I have as to what Strelets are releasing in their next batch of product. Currently expected around mid-December 2018. I make it 13 new sets and 3 re-releases. Thank you Strelets for another impressive showing. (All details may be subject to change).

Note: Whilst my webstore will remain open - with orders very welcome - over the Christmas Holiday season no parcels will go out after Thursday Dec 20th until Wednesday January 2nd. This is partly so I can have a bit of a break from packing but also because the late and lost parcel rate sky rockets during this period for a variety of reasons. Hopefully the Strelets batch will arrive in good time to get most orders out before then.

M054 Foot Bashi-Bazouk - Russo-Turkish War 1877

M077 Spartacus Army - Ancients

037 Mounted Boers (re-issue)

066 Jacobies #1 (re-issue)

068 Jacobites #2 (re-issue)

168 Landwehr on the March - Napoleonic

169 Landwehr Standing at Ease - Napoleonic

174 Prussian Infantry on the March - Napoleonic

176 Japanese Type 38 75mm Field Gun - WW2

177 British 15pr 7cwt BL Gun - Anglo-Boer War

182 30Pdr Parrot Rifle with US Crew - ACW

183 Whitworth Rifle with Confederate Crew - ACW

185 Foot Arab Rebels - Rif War

186 French Foreign Legion - Rif War

187 French Foreign Legion - WW2

A014 Cresout Long Tom 155mm with Boer Crew - Anglo-Boer War

Also note that as usual several sets are highlighted as 'coming to an end' so get them whilst you still can - these include some popular ones such as:

912 Hastings 1066 Anglo-Saxon Army

M107 Tecumseh

M177 English Longbowmen

M122 Turkish Infantry in Tropical Uniform

115 Lawrence of Arabia

140 Highlanders on the March

142 Polish Infantry on the March

Sadly #47 Confederate Staff (re-issue) & #141 Napoleonic British on the March are both missing from the list and therefore presumably unavailable now.



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