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Spartacus Slave Army - 1/32 Scale - Workbench. (Hobby Post)


1/32 Scale Spartacus Slave Army - Workbench. (Hobby Post)

Discipline - I have very little when it comes to my hobby. I flit from project to project as enthusiasm waxes and wanes. This means instead of quickly (relatively) finishing one army and then moving on to the next I end up having multiple things on the go at once at various stages of completion.

'Spartacus' was supposed to be for much further down the road after Germans, Celts, Dacians etc but the moment took me and I fancied doing a trial unit to see how my ideas worked out in practice. The photos below show how some basic conversions have worked out. I'll now paint it up and add shields etc to complete.

For other future upcoming blog posts I've also taken some work in progress photos of the second half of my Ancient German army and of my two completed Caledonian Warbands - each 40 figures strong.

Spartacus Slave Army - 1/32 Scale - Workbench. (Hobby Post)

For all my Enemies of Rome so far I have used the same infantry unit configuration. 12 stands of warriors each of 3 figures on 7cm square bases plus various markers on round bases.

Spartacus Slave Army - 1/32 Scale - Workbench. (Hobby Post)

Theses converted figures are a mix of HaT, Italeri & Weston. The Weston heads are from the very useful Mexican Peasants set and although a bit big for many of the bodies should look ok when painted.

Spartacus Slave Army - 1/32 Scale - Workbench. (Hobby Post)

I am planning on my Spartacus army being 12 infantry warbands strong plus a bit of cavalry and some skirmishers. 4 of the 12 warbands will be Gaul themed, 4 Germanic and the other 4 a mix of Thracian, Spanish, Numidian etc...All really featuring just a hint of their origin rather than overdoing it. So hair colour, some shield designs and some figure poses will be unique to each type of unit.

Spartacus Slave Army - 1/32 Scale - Workbench. (Hobby Post)

This trial one is Gaul themed. For all the units I was looking ideally for a mix of captured Roman equipment plus many figures dressed just in simple tunics. HaT's Triarii and Italeri's long o/p Caesarian Romans fitted the bill for the former.

For the latter HaT's Spanish Infantry are probably the most useful plus several of their other ancients sets such as Hastati, Velites, Italian Allies and Celtiberians. Some of the poses from the o/p Italeri Gauls set add that bit of particular uniqueness I mentioned above. At present I am thinking I don't want much if any Gladiator figures or equipment in my units although my mind on this may always change.

Spartacus Slave Army - 1/32 Scale - Workbench. (Hobby Post)

I picked up some damaged but very serviceable painted metal Conte Spartacus figures that I'll used to command my army. Not sure yet what I will do with Antoninus. In front of him is a converted Del Prado female gladiator I will add to one of my Slave warbands.

Conte Spartacus figures

I'll post more Spartacus pics in due course when the trial unit is painted up and fully equipped.






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