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Product Feature - Pegasus 7703 Russian Log Houses. 1/72 Scale

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Product Feature - Pegasus 7703 Russian Log Houses. 1/72 Scale

These well produced kits have been around for a while now. I am revisiting and blogging about them today because I have recently built a set for my own Lord of the Rings hobby use and thought I'd share some of the pics.

At time of writing these were retailing at £10.50 per box with each box containing 2 houses. So £5.25 per house!

Set #7703:

Pegasus market this 1/72 scale set for use as scenery for WW2 Russia. Obviously it is great for that, but it can also be used with 28mm figures and for other historical eras such as Napoleonic.

Each box contains two 9 piece house kits - they are identical apart from one has a straw type roof and the other planking. (You can always add teddy bear fur or flock / static on the latter if you want a different look).

In the same range Pegasus also offer 7702 Russian Farm Houses and 7704 Russian Izba Two Story Log House. You can mix and match these to make an interesting village or to make various conversions. I am adding a lean-to from 7702 for example to one of the 7703 house.

Shop the range:

Below is an assembled wood plank roof house from set 7703. Very easy to assemble with only 9 well made parts per house. I used Revell Contact Cement.

And here's the straw roof version with chimney left off. I painted these using Vallejo Game Color acrylics. See box art for other colour scheme ideas.

At maximums (ie the roof) these measure 15cm long x 8cm wide. They are about 8.5cm high excluding the chimney.

Games Workshop figure shown for size comparison.

I have glued my roof on - but with a bit of work you may be able to make it removable if you leave out the glue.



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