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Orcs! - "Quantity Has a Quality all it's Own" (Hobby Post)


Orcs! - "Quantity Has a Quality all it's Own"

Problem: I wanted a lot of evil looking orcs for my LotR Mordor army with plenty of variety but did not have the time to paint them in great detail model by model.

My solution for the variety brief was to supplement and convert Games Workshop's Mordor Orcs as my core troops with a wide variety of figures, weapons, shields and body parts from other sources.

These other sources included Warlord Games Ancient Germans, Warlord Games Gauls, Wargames Factory Orcs, Oathmark Goblins, Caesar Miniatures 1/72 Scale Orcs, GW Isengard Uruk-Hai, GW Rohan, GW Gondor and various other assorted bits & pieces. I did not use any plastic GW Morannon Orcs as they have their own distinct elite divisions in my army.

My solution for the painting brief was to affix them to their 40mm Victrix bases using super glue & activator > undercoat spray black > dry brush gray > apply gunmetal to any weapons and armour > apply red Eye of Sauron to shields & banners > brown wash > apply fine sand to bases with pva glue > black wash > apply static grass >  finish with matt spray varnish. Quick and makes them look mean & dirty!

My Orc warbands are 36 figures each spread over 12 bases. Designed for use with Hail Caesar fantasy variant type mass battle rules. Here's some pics of them that may be of interest to anyone looking for conversion ideas.



To help move so many troops around the table all these warbands have movement trays - that I have not as yet painted and textured. They are from Mantic Games and I just re-positioned how the two halves fit together bonding them with superglue and a bit of glued on paper underneath the join as well.


 I have had to disable the comments section on my blog posts due to spammers. But I am happy to answer any questions that you send using the contact tab.

Thanks for reading this post. Rupert


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