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Napoleonic Army - Wellington's Waterloo Allies - 1/72 Scale Plastic (Hobby Post)

RUPERT MITCHELL 1/72 Napoleonic Hobby Blog

Napoleonic Army - Wellington's Waterloo Allies - 1/72 Scale Plastic (Hobby Post)

This is the fifth of my Napoleonic Army blog posts. Eventually there will be seven of them covering many of the major participants.

Already done are the British, Russians, Austrians and Prussians. (You can view them here: Napoleonic 1/72 scale blog posts. )

This one covers the Dutch, Belgian, Nassau and Brunswick troops that fought alongside the British at Waterloo. For smaller tabletop engagements I will set them against the French on their own to see how they get on and for larger historical ones mix them with the British.

Regular readers may want to skip down to the pictures as the initial verbiage has been copied across from one post to another as it applies pretty much the same to all posts.

Originally I had planned to properly finish basing all units, add all flags and photograph the units nicely set out individually before doing this series of blog articles.

(ie Like how I did my 1/72 ACW armies: ACW Union & Confederate 1/72 scale armies )

However given the likely glacial pace that this would have occurred at I thought it best to show you them as they are now and maybe revamp things at a later date. So even whilst lacking close-up pics of individual units you may at least get some ideas on army composition, basing and storage until that revamp.

I house my armies mainly in plastic DIY storage boxes (see above) that I bought and converted many years ago. That involved breaking down multiple boxes into their components and reassembling them just using the larger draws. The smaller draws I sold off or kept for storing bits and pieces.

Many of the troops I had painted for me by Simon Bennison of Painted Napoleonic Armies. I also did a few myself and did all textured basing and conversions myself as well.

If you fancy having a go at painting your own figures you may be interested in another of my blog posts on Painting plastic figures

And if you need paints the ones used on the figures pictured below are Vallejo Game Color water based acrylics

Generally I do a lot more painting, converting and collecting than I do gaming due to time constraints mainly and hopefully this will change in the years to come. I used the excellent Fire & Fury rules for my ACW battles and based my Napoleonics in the same sort of fashion. Black Powder has since arrived on the scene and I may look at using those rules as well or instead.

My infantry and cavalry units are 6 stands strong with usually 6 infantry and 2 cavalry per stand. I use the excellent low profile Victrix 40mm square plastic bases for them and plastic card sheets cut to 60mm x 40mm for artillery.

I did try to limit myself to allowing only 2 storage boxes per army and more or less succeeded - apart from for the Austrians and the French which ran away with me a bit.

The aim was to try and keep the armies a manageable size on the tabletop and also even in this hobby you do have occasional moments of discipline / sanity where you try hard to keep yourself under control in terms of time, money and space.

The first batch of pictures below show my infantry units from storage box #1.

Painted HaT Napoleonic Dutch Line Infantry. 1/72 scale plastic figures

Above: HaT Dutch Line Infantry. Airfix French casualties painted as Dutch in central compartment.

Painted HaT Napoleonic Dutch Militia & Belgian Line Infantry. 1/72 scale plastic figures

Above: HaT Dutch Militia and Belgian Line.  Airfix British and French casualty painting conversions.

Painted HaT Napoleonic Belgian Line Infantry. 1/72 scale plastic figures

Above: More HaT Belgian Line Infantry. 

Painted HaT Napoleonic Nassau & Brunswick Infantry. 1/72 scale plastic figures

Above: Brunswickers & Nassau troops. Both HaT.

Painted HaT Napoleonic Dutch Jaegers and Brunswick Avante Garde. 1/72 scale plastic figures

Above: Dutch Jaegers and Brunswick Light Troops. Both HaT.

Painted HaT Napoleonic Dutch and Waterloo Anglo-Allies command. 1/72 scale plastic figures

Above: Commanders. Duke of Brunswick and Prince of Orange included. Also a supply wagon marker to the right.

 Above: Storage box number 2 with the cavalry and artillery etc...

Painted HaT Napoleonic Brunswick Hussars and Waterloo1815 Belgian Carabiniers. 1/72 scale figures

Above: Napoleonic Brunswick Hussars & Uhlans and Waterloo1815 Belgian Carabiniers. The former are plastic and the latter metal. Both units have been properly based unlike most of the others pictured in this blog article - work in progress!

Painted HaT Napoleonic Dutch-Belgian Light Cavalry. 1/72 Scale plastic

Above: Dutch-Belgian Light Cavalry from HaT. Again properly based.

Napoleonic Waterloo Dutch-Belgian Artillery 1/72 scale

Above: Dutch-Belgian artillery. Crews are from Italian maker Waterloo1815. Clearly lots of work remaining on the cannons and limbers themselves which are  mix of Mars, HaT & Revell components.

Napoleonic Waterloo Dutch-Belgian Artillery 1/72 scale

 Above: More Dutch-Belgian artillery.

Napoleonic Artillery 1/72 scale plastic

Above: Limbers in early stages of prep. I think I am gathering bits for a Brunswick battery or two on the right if I recall correctly.

Napoleonic Dutch-Belgian officers 1/72 scale plastic

Above: In this final tray are various bits and piece mainly destined to be markers of various kinds.

Well that's about it for these guys. Next up are some of Napoleon's Allies (Bavarian, Wurttemburgers, Poles, Saxons) so check back soon.

You can see my other Napoleonic 1/72 scale blog posts here: Napoleonic 1/72 scale blog posts.

If you fancy having a go at building some of your own units here's a link to the relevant sets in my webstore: 1/72 Scale Napoleonics

Thanks for taking an interest.

Rupert - Drum & Flag

nb - Unfortunately the comments section for my blog is turned off now due to spammers but you can message me using the 'Contact' tab at the top right of the page or click here: Contact


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