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My Confederate 1/72 scale Wargames Army (Hobby Post)


My Confederate 1/72 scale Wargames Army (Hobby Post)

Here's an overview of my ACW Confederates.

See also my Union Army blog post: Union Army in 1/72 scale

All figures shown were painted and based by me using Vallejo Game Color water based acrylics.

Most of the sets are still in production. These plus the Vallejo Game Color paints, static grass, Victrix bases and plastic building card I used are available from my store if you fancy having a go at the ACW in this scale yourself.


These are mainly Italeri from set #6014. Based on Victrix 40mm plastic bases and painted with Vallejo Game Color.

Italeri Confederates

About 10 +/- infantry units per side is as much as I can manage when doing big solo battles. Many of my Confederate infantry units look very similar apart from the flags so I have just shown a representative sample of them here.

Italeri Confederate Infantry 1/72

The above unit is in either double line or attack column depending on the rules you use. Below is a unit in line.

Confederates Advancing

The chaps below are from two different units - one supporting the other.

Painted Italeri 1/72 Confederates

I use Fire & Fury rules for gaming with my ACW troops and for that you need lots of markers. Below are reloading / breakthrough charge / disorder and the prone casualties indicating a unit's worn / spent status.

Confederate markers used with Fire & Fury Rules

These are CS Louisiana Tiger Zouaves using multiple copies of the same pose from Italeri's Union Infantry set #6012.

Louisiana Tiger Zouaves 1/72 scale

Tiger Zouave markers based on coins.

1/72 scale Louisiana Tiger Zouave Markers

Here's some skirmishers from Imex & Accurate/Revell. I may well update these when Strelets release their set #158 "Confederate Skirmishers" which looks very promising.

1/72 scale Confederate Skirmishers


Another candidate for upgrading are my Italeri CS cavalry. These guys look too uniform. My Confederate Army has just one Cavalry unit - represented both mounted and on foot.

Italeri Confederate Cavalry

Above - Mounted & charging in line. Below - Dismounted firing line.

Dismounted Confederate Cavalry 1/72 scale

Horse holder markers.

Italeri Confederate Cavalry Horse Holders

Markers based on coins and washers. Breakthrough, disorder and unit spent / worn status indicators.

Fire & Fury Markers


I've probably overdone the artillery element of my army by having a battery for each infantry unit and two for the cavalry. Here's the pieces I use for horse artillery - a mixture of Imex & Revell.

Imex & Revell Artillery

More Imex / Revell Artillery....

Imex & Revell ACW Guns

...And some more. Both guns and limbers are based on 6cm x 4cm plastic building card.

Civil War Rebel Artillery

Below is some siege artillery I made from old Airfix Napoleonic French Artillery pieces if I recall correctly. There's also an Airfix CS officer pose in there as well.

Airfix Confederate Artillery


Robert E. Lee. Mounted Army Commander stand. Based on 50mm square plastic builidng card.

Robert E Lee 1/72 scale Command Stand

Lee, Longstreet & Jackson plus officer of engineers. Foot Army Command stand.

Confederate Command Stand 1/72 scale wargaming

Mounted division / corps commanders. All Italeri mounted on 40mm square Victrix bases.

Confederate Division Commanders 1:72 scale

Imex Ambulances. Added to the table one at a time as a visual representation that whole army has attracted worn and then spent status die modifiers. Based on old coasters.

Confederate Civil War Ambulances

Ammo wagon marker / objective stand.

Confederate Wagon 1/72

More ammo wagons from Imex.

Civil War Wagons 1/72

Objective marker / mini-diorama for scenic purposes

Civil War Camp Fire Scene 1/72

A couple more objective markers / scenic pieces.

Damaged 1/72 scale wagons


You can see my other American Civil War 1/72 scale blog posts here including one on how to paint them: ACW in 1/72 scale blog posts

If you fancy having a go at building some of your own ACW units here's a link to the relevant sets in my webstore: ACW 1/72 scale sets

For those also interested in the Napoleonic Wars in this scale you can see the relevant blog entries here: Napoleonic Armies in 1/72 scale

Well that's about it for this post - please check back again soon to see my latest blog entries - many thanks for taking an interest.

Rupert - Drum & Flag

nb - Unfortunately the comments section for my blog is turned off now due to spammers but you can message me using the 'Contact' tab at the top right of the page or click here: Contact



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