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My ACW Union 1/72 scale Wargames Army (Hobby Post)


My ACW Union 1/72 Scale Wargames Army (Hobby Post)

Here's an overview of my Union Army.

(I have also done one for the Confederate Army: Confederate 1/72 scale army)

All figures shown were painted and based by me using Vallejo Game Color water based acrylics.

Most of the sets are still in production. These plus the Vallejo Game Color paints, static grass, Victrix bases and plastic building card I used are available from my store if you fancy having a go at the ACW in this scale yourself.


All my infantry units are between 6-8 stands in size and are based on 40mm square Victrix plastic bases.

1/72 scale painted Union Infantry ACW

Units above & below are both mainly Imex figures with a Revell officer (above) and A Call to Arms officer (below).

1/72 scale Union Troops

Maine Heavy Artillery. Italeri figures apart from command stand. Artillery troops like this saw action as infantry when manpower needs dictated it and the heavy defensive batteries positioned around strategic Northern cities that they served were deemed less likely to be attacked..

1/72 scale Italeri Union Infantry ACW Heavy Artillery

"Bucktails". Italeri figures.

1/72 scale painted Union Infantry ACW Bucktails

Irish Brigade in winter coats. The main pose here was to be found in the Accurate / Revell Confederate infantry set.

1/72 scale painted Union Infantry ACW Irish Brigade

More Italeri Union Infantry.

1/72 scale painted Union Infantry ACW Italeri

A Call to Arms Iron Bridage with a converted Revell officer and "Old Abe" the eagle from Strelets.

1/72 scale painted Union Infantry ACW Iron Brigade

Various Accurate / Revell / Imex poses including some from Confederate sets that were painted up in less regulation fashion as Union "Bummers" from the Western Theatre of operations.

1/72 scale painted Union Infantry ACW Western Theatre "Bummers"

Infantry markers based on coins. Low Ammo / Breakthrough Charge / Disorder top row. Unit spent / worn status indicator markers bottom row. These are for Fire & Fury rules which I use.

1/72 scale Union Markers

New York Fire Zouaves. HaT with Italeri officer.

1/72 scale Union NY Fire Zouaves. HaT ACW Figures

New York Zouaves. Converted HaT figures with Revell officer.

New York Zouaves 1/72 scale painted plastic

More HaT Zouaves with Revell officer

1/72 scale Union Zouaves. HaT ACW Figures

Berdan's Sharpshooters. I keep changing my mind about how best to represent skirmishers - if at all.

Berdan's Sharpshooters in 1/72 scale plastic


1/72 scale painted Italeri Union Cavalry

Italeri Union Cavalry above with markers below. Mounted troops are based two-up on 40mm Victrix plastic bases whilst the markers below are on coins and washers.

Civil War Union Cavalry Markers

As with my Confederate army I only have one cavalry unit per army but it is represented both mounted and dismounted. Above are my dismounted mainly Italeri cavalry in firing line and below are the horse holders. The figure is from the Italeri Confederate Infantry set painted up for the Union.

Union Cavalry Horse Holders 1/72 scale


1/72 scale painted Italeri Artillery

Above - Italeri Field Artillery. Below - Italeri Siege Artillery. I still need to go back and repaint the inside of those mortars as the original blue is showing!

Italeri Union Siege Artillery 1/72 scale

Older rather rough siege guns I had a go at cobbling together from various bits and pieces.

Airfix artillery conversions

American Civil War Artillery 1/72 scale

Above and below - mainly Imex/Revell artillery and crew.

American Civil War Artillery Limbers 1/72 scale

Damaged battery markers on metal washers.

Damaged Battery Markers


Union Army Commander - US Grant maybe. Mounted on 50mm square plastic building card.

1/72 scale painted Italeri Union General Command Stand

Division / Corps & Artillery Commanders. I may revisit the flags on these.

1/72 scale painted Italeri Division / Corps Commanders

Imex Ambulances based on coasters. I use these to indicate the spent / worn status of the army overall. So if the whole army becomes spent both will be put on the table whilst if only worn just one will be in play. If still fresh neither will get a run out.

1/72 scale painted Imex Civil War Union Ambulances

1/72 scale painted camp fire diorama / objective marker

1/72 scale painted Union camp fire diorama / objective marker

At time of writing (March 2018) Strelets are in the midst of releasing a number of good ACW sets and HaT have some ACW infantry planned too. Very tempting to revamp both my ageing Union & Confederate armies in light of these new figures. However my ACW armies are/were my only theoretically completed forces so my Napoleonic/LOTR/Roman/WW2 troops may have something to say about it if I go back over them again before finishing anything else. Probably silly of me to think you ever finish anything in this hobby anyway!


You can see my other American Civil War 1/72 scale blog posts here including one on how to paint them: ACW in 1/72 scale blog posts

If you fancy having a go at building some of your own ACW units here's a link to the relevant sets in my webstore: ACW 1/72 scale sets

For those also interested in the Napoleonic Wars in this scale you can see the relevant blog entries here: Napoleonic Armies in 1/72 scale

Well that's about it for this post - please check back again soon to see my latest blog entries - many thanks for taking an interest.

Rupert - Drum & Flag

nb - Unfortunately the comments section for my blog is turned off now due to spammers but you can message me using the 'Contact' tab at the top right of the page or click here: Contact

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