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LotR Great Beasts etc... (Hobby Post)


LotR Great Beasts etc...(Hobby Post)

It's been a while since I blogged about what I have been up to hobby wise so here's an update.

It's not so much that I have not been busy rather that I just have not completed much.

I've put aside for now my 54mm Spatacus army having converted, based and undercoated several hundred figures. This left me free to crack on with my plan to make a lot of 28mm Mordor Orc warbands. (For my own Hail Caesar LotR 'in- house' rules).

I like Orcs to look dark, menacing and evil. Which is handy as it also means I can get away with mass painting them as quickly as possible. My simple method is to spray coat them black > dark gray dry brush > light gray dry brush > chainmail all metal areas > brown ink wash > done!

Currently I am about 2/3 of the way through several hundred figures many of which I have converted from Rohan/Gondor/Isengard plus Warlord Orcs, Oathmark Goblins and other 28mm historicals. I will blog more about these warbands when all are done.

In the meantime I got distracted by a few side projects - Great Beasts mainly plus a prisoner cart, watch tower and some trolls.

The Great Beasts are from the Eaglemoss partwork series. They are factory painted metal and often available on ebay for about £10 each +/-. I had 4 spare from my old Grond* project and decided to have a go at making some orc howdahs for them. 

It took me a while to work out what to use to build the howdahs and then I spotted a load of old Uruk-Hai ladders in my bits box that were just the job.

Revell Contacta Cement worked great on bonding the plastic ladder bits together.

For fixing the howdahs to the beasts I used Super Glue plus activator. 

Based on 10cm x 5cm plastic building card.

The beasts are solid metal and very weighty for their size.

Whilst using the Uruk-Hai ladders as detailed above I got thinking about what else they could be used for. I came up with a prisoner cage as below:

 With more time I hope to find suitable figures as drivers for the cart and as prisoners inside the cage. I have included the two orcs shown for scaling purposes.


The ox cart is plastic and made by Pegasus Hobbies in 1/48 scale. (It's part of set #7005 California Mission Indians Figure Set #2)

Again plastic card base.

Does not have to be an Orc wagon - could be used for whatever armies you like.

I am not a particularly good modeller and found the Pegasus kit very easy to work with and assemble. 

The last item I made from Uruk-Hai ladders was this simple watchtower:

Finally in this spurt of hobby activity I also re-based a couple of factory painted Combat Hex trolls which are in a great pose I think. You can pick these up on ebay for good prices from time to time pretty much ready to go basing aside.

I used 50mm square Renedra bases for these chaps.

Thanks for looking - hope to see you again soon. Rupert

nb - Blog comments now disabled due to automated spammers. But you can still message me using the website's contact form if you have any questions etc...


* A few Old Grond project photos

If you want to see more photos and info of my scratch built Grond follow the link:

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