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Lord of the Rings 28mm Gallery - Archive Photos - Blasts from the Past!


Lord of the Rings 28mm Gallery - Archive Photos - Blasts from the Past!

Below are some older photos of figures that I have painted over the years that I am saving copies of here as a backup. Most are based for use with my own in-house mass battle rules rather than left on GW's original bases.

Infantry generally are based 3 figures to a 40mm Victrix plastic base with 8 bases making up a unit. Cavalry are on 50mm Renedra plastic bases and come in units of 6 with 2 figures per base.

Not shown I also have coin and washer based markers to represent unit status - worn / spent, disorder, breakthrough and low ammo where appropriate.

Some of the units below I have now sold but I still have a pretty decent LOTR collection which one day I will take photos of and upload.

Black Guard - Metal

Morannon Orcs - Metal. Front View

Morannon Orcs - Metal. Rear View

Mordor Uruk-Hai. Metal

Morannon Orcs - Plastic. 

Rohan Infantry

Rohan Infantry from different angle

Gondor Infantry. Plastic

Gondor Cavalry - Plastic. Front View.

Gondor Cavalry - Plastic. Front View.

Dol Amroth Cavalry - Plastic. Conversions combining Rohan & Numenor.

Dol Amroth Cavalry - closer shot without command or markers.

Army of the Dead - Plastic & Metal

Ents - Plastic. These are Dryads I think from the Warhammer Fantasy range.

Azog Command Stand - Combat Hex figures


Bolg Command Stand - Combat Hex figures

Orc Hornblower - Combat Hex figure

Perry Sudanese pressed into service as Haradrim.


Haradrim Fort - Awaiting painting. Inspired by watching Khartoum - always a favourite movie of mine.

Haradrim Fortress inspired by watching Khartoum

Morgul Knights. I love these figures - they look great and are easy to paint. I ended up using many of them as Nazgul army commanders and sold the rest on original GW bases. 

HaT 1/32 Scale Carthaginian Elephants used as Mumak.

Oathmark Goblin Infantry I will be using as Isengard Orcs.

Gundabad Orcs painted up a Mordor Black Guard.

Dark Alliance 1/72 scale Catapult Trolls that work well used with GW figures. (Most of the work was done for me on these).

These sets came with 1/72 scale orc crews but I will adding my own in due course made from GW Moria Goblins.

GW Cave Troll




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