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Latest Completed Units / Projects / WIP 2020 (Hobby Post) - Last Updated 30/12/20


Latest Completed Units / Projects/ WIP 2020 (Hobby Post)

Here I will post updates on the latest wargames units / projects I have added to my hobby collection and also work in progress. Newest entries at the top.

30/12/20 - Quatre Bras Farm. Now painted and blog post written: Quatre Bras Farm

Airfix Waterloo La Haye Sainte Farmhouse - Quatre Bras Farm Conversion

29/12/20 - Airfix Waterloo Farm Accessories. Inbetween painting sessions on the Quatre Bras Farm project (see below) I put together a few barricades to add to the wip queue. The QBF is almost finished so will blog about that soon.

Airfix Battle of Waterloo Accessories. 1/72 scale barricades. Napoleonic roadblocks.

27/12/20 - Quatre Bras Farm. Nearly 4 years on from my Gemioncourt project I have converted another Airfix La Haye Sainte kit into more scenery for the Hundred Days, this time my basic interpretation of the Quatre Bras Farm. From what I could find out the farm that stood at the famous crossroads in 1815 looked pretty different to the one that made it into the 21st Century. And it is representations of this 1815 farm that I used as a guide for my project. Once painted and finished off I will give it it's own full blog post so this is just an advance taster.

Quatre Bras Farm Airfix Waterloo Farmhouse conversion. La Haye Sainte Napoleonic

22/12/20 - Orcs etc. Here's a shot of some trial figures I have kit bashed for my LOTR armies. From top left they are: Orc with GW Hunter Orc head & arms, Warlord Orc body and Oathmark Goblin shield > Isengard Half-Orcs with Perry heads, Gripping Beast Dark Age bodies, Oathmark Goblin Weapons and either Victrix or Warlord Celtic shields > Dunlending with Oathmark Goblin body, Gripping Beast arms & shield and Warlord German head > GW Morannon Orc with weapon, head and shield swaps > Morannon Uruk "Guard" with Frostgrave Demon Body, Oathmark Goblin Arms and Warlord Orc head > GW Orc with weapon swap and Oatmark Goblin shield. The Hunter Orc and the Uruk Guard are my current favourites. Hopefully one day I will post some pics of these guys in their respective units painted up.

Converted Orcs, Half-Orcs & Dunlendings

16/12/20 - Dark Alliance 1/72 Scale "Fire Demons" . With Covid, Christmas and Brexit it's been a manic time of late. I managed to squeeze in a small amount of hobby time to paint up these chaps from the two Dark Alliance Fire Demon sets. Nice and easy as mainly dry brushing. One day they may see service on my tabletop in an assault on Gondolin or similar scenario. GW Gandalf included for scaling purposes. You can see more images of these painted figures on their respective listings: Fire Demons

Dark Alliance Fire Demons. 1/72 Scale plastic

16/12/20 - Gallic Cavalry. 1/32 Scale.  I won these painted guys in an ebay auction from a fellow enthusiast who has decided to sell off his impressive collection. I just based them two up on 9cm square coaster mats for my needs and added a few bits of detailing to the horses. Mainly converted HaT figures from various different sets.

Gallic Cavalry 1/32 Scale plastic

08/11/20 - Strelets ACW Union Infantry 1/72 Scale. Another ebay purchase that I based up. First pic is of a firing line and second pic shows marching poses. I have more than just basing work still to do on the command stands hence not shown. 

Strelets ACW Union Infantry 1/72 Scale. Firing Poses

Strelets ACW Union Infantry 1/72 Scale. Marching poses

07/11/20 - Zvezda Russian Guard Artillery 1/72 Scale. I bought the whole painted set #8045 from ebay I then based them having added the Italeri cannons being manhandled in the second image. The bases immediately below are destined for my own hobby collection and I will probably sell off the three larger bases.

Zvezda #8045 Russian Guard Artillery 1/72 Scale

Bases above are 6x4cm and below are 7x7cm. All plastic card.

Zvezda Russian Guard Artillery 1/72 Scale

06/11/20 - Covid19. It's been a very strange year in so many respects and a sad one too for many folk. For me Spring & Summer is usually the quieter half of the year but due to lockdowns and the consequent increase in demand for hobby products & online shopping that has not been the case this year - so many many thanks for all your orders. I hope your hobby has been a positive force for you in rather depressing times. I've not had much to blog about hobby wise or time to write until now. So I hope you like this new format of hobby blog post which I will revisit from time to time to update with pics of completed units etc...With a bit of luck I will work out how to 'pin' the post so it's always at the top of the blog post list on my store homepage.

06/11/20 - 1/72 Napoleonics. Interest in the Warlord Black Powder rules plus the spate of many good recent new releases has prompted me to expand my 1/72 scale Napoleonic (& American Civil War) armies beyond those units featured in my previous separate army blogs eg Nap French .

Lack of time means that for most units I have just done the basing and finishing whilst buying the painted figures off ebay, via private collection purchases or through commissions. For any that I have painted myself - such as the infantry directly beneath - I have indicated as such in the commentary.

Napoleonic French Line Infantry - Front View. These are mainly marching poses from multiple sets of Italeri 6002. I already had several of these units and decided I needed another one. Unfortunately this set seems to be unavailable at present so I will have to look elsewhere if I need even more French Line of the same type.

If I was starting from scratch now I would probably go for the HaT 1815 Marching French but back when I started out these were the ones I liked most despite all their inaccuracies.

Italeri French Line Infantry - Marching poses from set 6002

 Napoleonic French Line Infantry - Rear View. The Grenadiers are from the Esci / Italeri Grenadiers set. Mounted officer is Revell and is the only figure not painted by me in this unit.

Italeri Napoleonic French Infantry - mostly from set 6002

 Revell Napoleonic French Guard Chasseurs a Cheval 1/72 Scale. I just did the basing and a bit of touching up on these.

Revell Napoleonic French Guard Chasseurs a Cheval 1/72 Scale

 Italeri Napoleonic French Dragoons 1/72 Scale - Unit #1. I just did the basing on these.

 Italeri Napoleonic French Dragoons 1/72 Scale 

Italeri Napoleonic French Dragoons 1/72 Scale - Unit #2. I just did the basing on these.

Italeri Napoleonic French Dragoons 1/72 Scale

HaT Napoleonic Prussian Uhlans 1/72 Scale. Not original lances. I just did the basing on these. I am onto the third book in Andrew Field's series on the Hundred Days from the French Perspective. I have particularly enjoyed filling in gaps in my knowledge of Ligny & Wavre.

HaT Napoleonic Prussian Uhlans 1/72 ScaleOn the workbench - Other 1/72 scale units I am either in the midst of or planning on tackling myself reasonably soon include: Waterloo era Hanover Militia featuring Emhar British Infantry bodies & HaT Prussian Reserve cap heads and some Russian Borodino era Militia / Opolchenie which are HaT 8034 Young Guard in Greatcoats bodies with HaT 8006 Cossack heads.

Hannoverian Militia - Napoleonic 1815 - 1/72 scale conversions

Russian Militia / Opolchenie - Napoleonic Borodino 1812 - 1/72 scale conversions

Preparing these confirmed to me that I really don't enjoy head swaps but it was the only way I could get what I wanted. I will post more pics of these on this page when further on with the painting.

I am also lining up more Napoleonic Austrian Infantry both in shakos and the new HaT sets with Helmets and some Prussian Freikorps and Reserve Infantry units. HaT's new marching American Civil War troops are also on my radar.

06/11/20 Expeditionary Force - 60mm Early German Clubmen. (Painted by me). In amongst my renewed 1/72 efforts I am still working away at my '1/32' Romans & Enemies. The latest completed unit being the clubmen below. Mostly from the Ex Force Early German set but with a few other added bits & pieces. 70mm MDF bases.

As well as fighting Romans my Early Germans will also take on Gauls & Dacians. Hence why I stylise certain elements such as the hair colour as it makes quickly differentiating the various tribal contingents easier in my solo games.

Expeditionary Force - 60mm Early German Clubmen.

I have several other similar Early German units in varying stages of completion. Work and other unexpected hobby projects cropping up sometimes leaves unfinished units sitting literally gathering dust for months so I have hit upon using Air Duster aerosols (designed for cleaning your keyboard etc) to clean them up when ready for a bit more attention.

For those that like this era of history take a look at the new Barbarians drama series from Netflix Germany. It's based around Arminius, Varus and the Teutoburger Wald battle. Whilst all these type of epic historical dramas tend to take liberties with reality / history and add unnecessary plot mechanics I found this 6 part series better than most. 

I liked the fact that there were various Germanic Tribes identified and that they spoke German and the Romans Latin. It added to the atmosphere more than if they all spoke English. I also thought that the clothing, weaponry and overall portrayal of both sides was much more realistic than I've seen in plenty of other similar programs. The battle in the final episode was pretty condensed and simplified to my mind but a valiant effort none the less. Can't wait now for Amazon to show us what they have done with Lord of the Rings whenever that comes out.


Thanks for taking an interest. If you fancy having a go at a hobby project yourself many of the figures and materials shown above can be found for sale in my webstore.

Rupert - Drum & Flag

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