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Imperial Roman Artillery, Baggage, Command etc...54-60mm (Hobby Post)


RETURN OF THE ROMANS! After a bit of a break I returned to my 54-60mm Imperial Romans. Pretty much done now regarding existing projects so hopefully can have a test Roman Civil War battle soon to see how my home made rules work out. After that it's into the Teutoburgerwald - although I recently realised I probably need yet more Ancient Germans for that. (Hobby Post).

Below: Fabbri factory painted metal. I painted the tunics red for half of them for upcoming Civil War battle.

Britain's catapults bought broken and cheap off ebay and done up. Romans from Toyway and Publius. Barricades from Forces of Valor. Based on MDF.

More Britain's catapults - this time undertow from Britain's farm animals. Metal figures from Elite Command / Blue Box.

Command stands with plastic and metal figures from Safari, Tintoys, Publius, Fabbri and unknown Russian maker. Either factory painted or done by me.

Plastic Lord of the Rings ponies doing duty for the Romans. Figures from Toyway and Blue Box. Carts are Forces of Valor. These will be objectives for the Germans in the Teutoburgerwald.

Bigger carts and horses that I bought off a fellow collector on ebay. Toyway figures. Arrows from Forces of Valor.

Army Spent/Worn markers - figures from Toyway & A Call To Arms.

HaT 54mm factory painted metal slingers based on 70mm plastic card.

Something for the Barbarians! Inspired by Hollywood Roman films I had a go at making some fireballs out of old squash balls and cushion filling!

With Kalkriese (Teutoburgerwald) in mind I made a load of these wicker fences for the Germans to defend atop turf banks. Made from BBQ skewers. The Germans camouflaged them so that the Romans would not spot them before it was too late - so I will add more lichen etc when it comes to the battle.

Giant Lord of the Rings catapult that I'll make some Roman crew for when it comes to doing siege warfare. Toyway auxiliary included for scale.

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  • Rupert Mitchell on

    Thanks for your comment John.

  • John Rolle on

    Outstanding work Britannia! From lands afar among the maples eh.

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