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HaT April 2019 New Releases & Restocks. SYW Austrians etc... (Posted 26/03/19)

RUPERT MITCHELL New 1/72 stock blog

HaT April 2019 New Releases & Restocks. SYW Austrians etc... (Posted 26/03/19)

Seven Years Wars Austrian Infantry in 1/72 scale in Marching / Action / Command sets form the new releases from HaT due in April. There are also quite a few restocks as detailed further down the page. I will list all these in my webstore in due course asap. Pricing and exact arrival date tbc.

Marching #8322

Box Artwork

Painted Test Figures - Front

Painted Test Figures - Back


Action #8323

Box Artwork

Painted Test Figures


Command #8324

Box Artwork

Painted Test Figures


Sampler #8295

This looks to be a new development from HaT whereby the box offers a single sprue from each of three new MAC sets shown above - Marching / Action / Command.

Napoleonic Prussian Sampler #8329

Also looks like they are doing it for these previously released Napoleonic Prussians. As you can see from the restocks info below the individual MAC sets for these chaps are also being re-released.


I will upload these products to the 'Coming Soon' section of my webstore asap and then when released switch them to the 'New' section of my webstore.


Restocks - Previously released sets becoming available once more.

8093 Wurttemberg Infantry

8094 Ottoman Heavy Weapons

8148 WWI French Infantry

8173 Putilov Gun

8195 1806 Prussian Hussars

8196 1806 Prussian Dragoons

8242 Deport Gun

8243 QF 4.5 Howitzer

8244 Skoda Mountain Gun

8245 100mm Gun

8253 Prussian Infantry Marching

8254 Prussian Infantry Action

8255 Prussian Infantry Command

8256 WWI British Arty Crew

8257 WWI Russian Arty Crew

8258 WWI Austrian Arty Crew

8259 WWI Italian Arty Crew

I'll add these to the 'Restocks' section of my webstore when available:






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