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Haradrim War Elephants (28mm Victrix Numidians) Hobby Post


Haradrim War Elephants (28mm Victrix Numidians)

Here's some pics of a unit of War Elephants for my Lord of the Rings Haradrim Army. I am ashamed to say that these were on the work bench progessing in stops and starts for a year but at least they are ready for action now.

Most of the troops in my Haradrim army are Games Workshop but I have added in quite a few historical figures that work well to my mind.

I painted the elephants and bases myself whilst the figures were part of a batch I had done for me.

6 elephants are based on 50mm square plastic bases, 2 are based on 50mm metal washers and are breakthough / disorder markers whilst the two prone beasts are based on old mini discs as spent / worn markers.

If you need plastic card for your own figure basing requirements you can find it here:


The paints used were Vallejo Game Color. If you need paints for your own projects you can see the range I stock here:

In the Victrix set you get two spare elephant halves as part of the options on offer. Rather than waste them I made two casualties from them adding greenstuff ears and cocktail stick tusks.

If you need a set of these Victrix war elephants - including other crew options - for yourself you can see the listing here:

I have other Numdian and Carthaginian 28mm units pressed into LOTR service and will blog about those in due course.

Thanks for taking an interest in this blog post.

Best wishes

Rupert - Drum & Flag


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