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Expeditionary Force Celts & Romans Preview Test Shots

RUPERT MITCHELL 1/32 Scale Blog Future Releases

“60mm Wars of the Roman Empire (27B.C.–A.D.476)” - New Range

There will be 5 sets in total for the Celtic Barbarians:-

 CTB 01           Warband (Infantry) (releasing in August 2018)

CTB 02           Noble Cavalry (expected release in October 2018)

CTB 03-A       War Chariot (A-Style) (expected release in December 2018)

CTB 03-B       War Chariot (B-Style) (expected release in December 2018)

CTB 04           Celtic Tribal Command (expected release in December 2018)

60 CTB 01-1

Set 60 CTB 01 - Celtic Barbarian Warband Infantry - Due August 2018

60 CTB 01-2

The set contains 9 model foot soldiers comprising of 1 warrior in armour, 2 in tunic, 2 fur-clad, 2 bare-chested and 2 in the nude in various action poses.

60 CTB 01-4

The photo below is for size comparison purpose. X-force have deliberately made the Celts slightly taller than the Greeks to reflect their historical physique.

60 CTB 01-6


The Celts will be matched by the Romans with the first set expected in September 2018. (Already in toolings).

The Romans will include Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery and Command plus Auxiliaries. 


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