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Dacians & Romans Misc. 1/32 scale (Hobby Post)


Dacians & Romans Misc. 1/32 scale (Hobby Post)

The photo below is a test I did to see how a Weston Mexican Peasant would look turned into a Dacian. Quite pleased with the result and will press ahead. Cutting the hat off leaves an ideal space to make the Phrygian cap out of greenstuff for the Dacian. Whilst the shovel handle serves well as a handle for the fearsome double-handed Falx.

Dacians & Romans Misc. 1/32 scale (Hobby Post)

Various roman command and objective markers from a variety of makes including Fabbri, Safari, Publius and Del Prado. All factory painted apart from the Publius standard bearer which I did.

Dacians & Romans Misc. 1/32 scale (Hobby Post)

If you are interested in having a go at converting & painting some figures yourself the Weston figures are for sale here: Weston Mexican Peasants

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As always thanks for reading this and taking an interest.


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