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Christmas Workbench (Hobby Post). Oathmark Goblins, Victrix War Elephants etc...


Christmas Workbench (Hobby Post) : Oathmark Goblins, Victrix War Elephants and other stuff. As usual the Festive Season break has flown by and will sadly soon be over. However I did manage to pack quite a bit in.

I completed a unit of Oathmark Goblins for use as Isengard Orcs in my LOTR games. I wanted something different from the GW Mordor orcs and liked the horned helms and general style of most of these models. Each pack of 30 figures also comes with a lot of head and weapon options so by adding in some Viking/Saxon Gripping Beast bodies from my bits box I was able to make 34 figures plus a couple of unit status markers.


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The Victrix War Elephants are lovely and again come with lots of options including a spare elephant half which I used for unit status markers. My elephants will be given the Numidian crew options and used as part of my LOTR Haradrim army. I have seen elsewhere some debate as to what type of elephants Victrix have depicted - my understanding is that the Carthaginians used neither African nor Indian elephants but the now extinct Forest Elephant?

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In between marathon bouts of elephant assembly (using the excellent Revell Contacta glue) I revisited my John Tiller Waterloo wargame on the PC. This is an old but superb hex based wargame. I played the solo "what if" type scenarios in the Plancenoit module as I am interested in that area of the battlefield just now and the major impact of the Prussians and Grouchy's decisions etc...The game has detailed hex maps of all the terrain as far north east as the Bois de Paris and as far south east as Maransart which is great for someone more familiar with the usual Hougoumont / La Haye Saint terrain.

The new Dunkirk film also got a watch - I think I agree with the Amazon average rating of 3.5 for this. I even made myself do some reading and started Foreman's World on Fire about the British involvement (or lack of it) in the American Civil War - promising so far.

Happy New Year.


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