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Caledonians - Completed 1/32 Scale Warbands. (Hobby Post)


Caledonians - 1/32 Scale Warbands. (Hobby Post)

Following on from my earlier blog post about these as promised here's some pics of the two completed warbands.

Most of the figures are converted Weston Mexican Peasants. The rest are Expeditionary Force (Zulus), Emhar (Vikings), Safari (Gladiator torsos) and Del Prado metals.

I used the shields, wode and hair colour to differentiate these from my other Gallic, German and Dacian warbands.

I'd like to have done a lot of checks and tartans etc...but my patience, eye sight and skills don't allow for that!

There's a couple of early crossbowmen lurking in there somewhere.

Mounted chap is Del Prado as it standing figure behind the Druid. The Druid is from Hachette if I recall correctly.

Markers are on round bases and represent unit status - worn/spent, disordered & breakthrough charge.

I added capes to a few figures, some of them with greenstuff hoods.

The figures are based on 70mm mdf. I've made some as yet unpainted plastic building card movement trays for them to save having to move each stand.

I stagger the figures with 2 at front / 1 at back per base alternated with the reverse so that the unit fits together ok with minimal clashing.

That's it for now. What's next?

Other 1/32 scale projects currently on my hobby workbench:

* Completion of Ancient German army. See more here:

* Test painting of first Spartacus unit. See more here:

*Ongoing preparation of Punic War units including conversion of AIP Beja into Numdian and Libyan skirmishers.



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