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Caledonians - 1/32 Scale (Hobby Post)


Caledonians - 1/32 Scale (Hobby Post)

I should really be working on my Gaul army but detoured off to do some Caledonians having recently read Osprey's Mons Graupius.

This group are painted up based on a mixture of what I have read about & seen pictures of, what I like the look of and simply what was available to convert.

Caledonians / Picts / Ancient Britons - 1/32 Scale (Hobby Post)

The bodies are 54mm Expeditionary Force Zulus and the heads are 60mm Expeditionary Force Celts. (I had used the Celt bodies elsewhere and needed loin cloth type clothing hence the Zulus).

Caledonians / Picts / Ancient Britons - 1/32 Scale (Hobby Post)

The spears are 28mm Fireforge Games lances, axes are cut down ones from the Ex-Force Zulu set and shields from bits box with upholstery tack bosses.

A rare outing for my purple paint to do the heather on the static grass came out ok. I painted them using Vallejo Game Color water based acrylics: Paints

Caledonians / Picts / Ancient Britons - 1/32 Scale (Hobby Post)

Orange also got a run out for the hair with skin wash over the top turning it the auburn shade I was after. I paint the hair on my different Enemies of Rome (eg Gauls, Germans, Dacians) all the same colour so that they are easier to identify when fighting each other - eg all blonde Germans vs all auburn Gauls vs brunette Dacians. Such homogeneity is not historically accurate but serves my purposes.

I took the rubbery plastic capes off some Lord of the Rings AOME Legolas figures then covered them in pva and hairy grass before painting them.

Caledonians / Picts / Ancient Britons - 1/32 Scale (Hobby Post)

Cutting the leg decorations off the Zulus was a nightmare and I nearly gave up - but the wode blue markings hides much of my butchery here. I may also use some tall grass when finally basing them on 70mm plastic card squares for gaming. 

The figures above will be sprinkled in among other Caledonian figures I am working on - a sample of which you can see below - mostly unfinished works in progress.

They are mix of Del Prado metals and Weston Mexican Peasant conversions plus some animals which I may turn into vignettes or markers of some kind.

When doing Celts/Gauls/Ancient Britons the patterned clothing is a major feature and potential hazard if you are like me and not particularly good at fine detail.

Hence the brush pens below that I am hoping may at least allow me to more easily apply some basic check patterning.

My test runs so  far have shown that they can do a job but may run or come off in water when applied in this context. So I will be applying my 'magic' dark wash (hides a multitude of sins) finish to my Weston figures first, allowing to dry and then applying the brush pen checks. At that point gloss varnish will be sprayed on to seal in the checks and then matt varnish sprayed on to get the flat finish I want. I'll post completed pics in due course.

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