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Ancient Germans - Weston Mexican Peasant Conversions Update (Hobby Post)


I have been working away at making some more Ancient Germans by converting Weston Mexican Peasants.

Here's some of my latest trial runs in close up.

I am really happy with the above figure as it gives me a really good pose to add to the mix. Looks a bit Frankenstein like at present but will paint up well and when shield and beard added look the part very nicely. I made it from parts of the three figures below. Legs from the shovel guy, torso from the casualty and head from the woman. Spear and hand from bits box.

I've made quite a few simple clubmen just by whittling away at the piece of wood the guy below left is holding and bulking out the top end with greenstuff. It took me a while to hit upon it but I have come up with two other conversions for him now as well by taking the hands and broom handle from the woman above and replacing the length of wood entirely.

Above right - with hammer. Below right - with axe. I made both the hammer and axe head from sections of the wooden length the guy on the right is holding. The axe head blade was formed simply by flattening the end with a pair of smooth pliers.

To add belts to some of my converted figures I bought some waxed brown thread below which I have tried out and should do very nicely. I am not far off completing the painting up my first Weston Mexican Peasant > Ancient German converted unit of 40 figures so will post pictures in a new blog entry when done. My plan is that 4 of these units will join the 6 TSSD units I already have as a different tribal contingent in my overall Ancient German force to take on the Romans.


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