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Ancient Germans: Unit status markers. 1/32 scale.


Warband "Disorder" Markers. These are Weston Toy Co Mexican Peasants re-purposed as Ancient Germans. Heads were removed (& saved for later use as Celts) and replaced with some suitable Lord of the Rings Aragorn/Eomer/ Faramir heads from AOME figures. Based on 60mm mdf. I use one marker per warband,

Army "Worn / Spent" Markers. Again Weston Mexican Peasants converted into Ancient Germans. Based on 90mm coasters.

Same as above but from a different angle.

Warband "Spent / Worn" Markers. More Weston Mexican Peasants. Shields a mix of homemade and bit-box spares. Textured cloaks were ade by applying PVA and static grass then painting accordingly - makes them look more like Ancient Germans imho. These were based on blank 80mm DVD-R discs which I picked up for 10p each on ebay - bargain! Each warband can have 2 markers: 1 = worn and 2 = spent. I very much like the way that as battle progresses and stands are removed more and more status markers hit the battlefield as would be expected.

Next project - Cavalry and Command.

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