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Ancient Germans 1/32 - Work in Progress (Hobby Post)


Ancient Germans 1/32 - Work in Progress (Hobby Post)

If you have been following my hobby posts on this blog for a while now you will know that I finished the first half of my Ancient German Army some time ago. These units were mainly built using TSSD's Barbarian figures - you can see more about them here:

Subsequently I decided I wanted more units for the army to give the Romans a real tabletop challenge and that the new additions should look different. To accomplish this I decided to use converted Weston figures which can be painted up in slightly more sophisticated dress representing different tribes. The first of these new warbands can be seen here:

Work on the remaning 'Weston' Germans is ongoing and below are a few pics charting what's currently on the workbench.

Cavalry - TSSD horses, Safari torsos, Weston heads & legs, HaT arms. Based on an excellent illustration of a German Cavalryman (in Caesar's service) in the H&C book on Alesia.


Standard Bearers - Metal Eaglemoss LOTR Uruk-Hai figures with Weston heads.

Vignettes / Markers - Ex-Force Gaul and ACTA Roman.

Skeletons - prisoners who did not fair too well last time the Romans ventured into the dark forest. Skeletons are from a cheap bagged set I got off Amazon.

Vikings - I am pressing these Russian made plastics into service as Ancient Germans. All have Weston heads now plus other ongoing work.

Arminius - Another Viking who will be painted up as the legendary German commander.

Reamsa Gauls - Won't now use these as Germans - will use them as Gauls as they are marketed as.

Beserkers - More vikings - this time painted up with just the hair to finish.

Other Beserkers at an earlier stage.

Axemen - Safari Gladiator legs and Weston upper halves with various axes etc...

Weston Mexican Peasants - Conversions after flesh and hair applied.

Reminder - here's a reminder of what these units will look like when finished. This is the first 'Weston' German warband I did as a trial run.

If you want to keep a track of what I get up to with my 1/32 scale ancients hobby visit my blog posts here:

If you are interested in having a go at converting & painting some figures yourself the Weston figures are for sale here:

And paints & brushes can be found here:

As always thanks for reading this and taking an interest.



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