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Ancient German Warband - 1/32 Scale Conversions (Hobby Post)


Ancient German Warband - 1/32 Scale Conversions (Hobby Post)

These are with the exception of the standard bearer all converted from Weston Mexican Peasants.

Based on 70mm square plastic card. (Javis code 40b).

I already have several units of the excellent TSSD Barbarians and wanted to have a go at making some different looking Germans from the Weston Peasants. 

Unit is made up of 12 x 3 figure bases = 36 figures.

These guys will initially at least be up against my A Call to Arms Romans (see previous blog entries). They are a good deal taller and chunkier which is what I wanted - highlighting the reported size difference between your typical Roman and German opponent.

Unit status markers - Spent / Worn & Disordered.

I also intend at some stage to fight my Germans against my Gauls and Dacians. This is one reason why I painted all their hair the same cliched blonde colour. The Gauls and Dacians will be pretty much the same basic figures as the Germans -  so to help easily differentiate the units on the tabletop battlefield the Germans will be blonde, the Gauls redheads and the Dacians brunettes.

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