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Ancient German Cavalry & Command. 60mm. Hobby Post.


These are converted Del Prado metal figures with AOME LOTR head swaps and home made shields & cloaks.

I am pretty happy with how these have turned out. However had anything in plastic been available I would have gone for that as these metal chaps weigh a tonne.

They are based on 9cm square coasters.

The plastic cloaks are taken from AOME Lord of the Rings figures and covered in pva and static grass then painted.

The standard is an old GW one that was in my bits box - probably completely historically inaccurate  but I don't mind as it looks the part to me.

Breakthrough, disorder and spent / worn markers. I use my own in-house adaptation of the Fire & Fury rules. Based on assorted 6/8/9 cm round discs (cork & metal coasters, mdf & plastic DVR-R mini discs pressed into service for my purposes).

Army Commander, Second in Command and an objective marker cum totem.

Again these command figures were Del Prado metal with custom bits from GW, AOME LOTR etc...

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