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High Elf Cavalry - Armies of Middle Earth Conversions


These were made from converted Elf Infantry plus Shadowfax horses with some painted capes taken from other figures. Metal lances and paper saddle cloths added also.

The heads are perhaps positioned looking down too much rather than ahead. Having said that it makes the helmets look more menacing and as if the Elves were using some sort of telepathy to ride into battle - that's what I am telling myself anyway!

Large collections of these wonderful factory painted Armies of Middle Earth figures can regularly be found being auctioned off on eBay at rock bottom prices. Typical human height is about 65mm.

I use them for skirmish gaming using Games Workshops Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game rules - just adapted for larger scale figures.

My cavalry units all tend to be 11 in number - this is for two reasons - it is a good number of models to use and it is also the most models of this size with 9cm coaster bases I can fit in my storage boxes.

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