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em4 Miniatures - Plastic Dwarves. Spearmen, Axemen and Crossbowmen.


I was searching for an alternative to GW for building a Lord of the Rings dwarf army and came upon the EM4 plastic dwarves. These are excellent value at 50 for under a tenner and were just about an acceptable match with my other figures. They are about 25mm tall.

However at first the spearmen were unavailable so I just had the crossbowmen and axemen. After some chopping about these fitted ok onto the 40mm square bases I use. But unfortunately when the spearmen arrived - which were to be the bulk of my army - I was not so happy with fitting them onto my chosen bases.

So I've now bitten the bullet and invested in some GW Grim Hammers am selling off my em4 dwarves. I still enjoyed painting some of the ones I bought though.

My own shields were added to the figures

Crossbows extended horizontally using pin vice and thin plastic rod.

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