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On the Workbench - Romans, Easterlings & Pale Orcs


 As well as a retailer I am also a hobbyist. Here's some pics of things I am currently working on.

65mm Elite Command Blue Box Roman Auxiliaries. (Factory painted metal with plastic shields). I picked up a large job lot of these on eBay for about £1 each. Not a lot needs doing to them other than basing on 40mm metal washers and replacing the spears.

Just need to finish my Ancient German (mainly TSSD) and Gallic (converted Weston Mexican Peasants) warbands now. For skimish gaming using adapted LOTR SBG rules etc...

nb - Radagast is peering in from the right - he's a 70mm plastic model I got off eBay and painted up.

Armies of Middle Earth test conversion - Easterling Cataphract. This chap is about 10cm tall and sits on a 9cm base (metal & cork coaster). Made from a foot warrior stuck on Theoden's repainted horse.

More Armies of Middle Earth figures. This time a test trio of Isengard Uruk-Hai converted into Pale Orcs to offer another warband option. These chaps are about 7 cm tall and are on 4cm metal washer bases.

HaT 54mm Numdian Cavalry in various stages of painting.

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