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60mm Gallic Army - The gathering of the tribes. Hobby Post.


With the Ancient Germans done I am now focussing on the Gauls. Here's some shots of what I am planning to use for my troops with rough trial conversions see what does and what does not work. nb - I managed to somehow get SuperGlue in my hair messing about with this project! Very painful to get out!

My earliest trials of turning Weston Mexican Peasants into Gauls before I went off and did the Germans instead. The central figure is easily the best and most usable figure in the bunch. The one on the left has a spear made from a cut down shovel. The guy on the right is holding a bit of 4x4 wood which I turned into a club on this chap but will use in other ways for the bulk of the conversions. I was going to give them axes before reading up more on Gauls and it would seem mainly spears and swords were used.

Weston Mexican Peasants. Conversions made from these guys will form the bulk of my Gallic Army. After some experimenting I have found them all surprising useful. Even the female figure with the broom has come into her own as her right arm is invaluable for use on several other converted figures. The caped figure middle right is probably the least useful - I am using him just for a few archers. His companion opposite with the rifle has proved surprisingly good as with his rifle removed and left arm changed with the woman's he becomes a good warrior pose as well as useful for an archer. Very useful figures these - I have also seen them converted as Vietcong.

Rough trials - The Warhorn guy was an attempt before I discovered the metal figure shown elsewhere. The other three figures are archer conversions. Top one has a Weston head, Toyway Roman body and Hat Gaul legs. The bottom two are Weston riflemen repurposed as archers.

Del Prado ready painted metal figures bought in from Italy & Spain on ebay. There is also a Naked Gaesatae leader on his way to me.

Weston Mexican Peasants will form the vast bulk of my 6 Gallic warbands. These are some rough trial conversions I did to see what I could make from some of the original poses.

I invested in some metal command figures from an ebay seller in the Ukraine. Not too expensive for nice castings. The guy with the Carnyx war horn was advertised as a Viking but he looks Gallic to me.

I wanted my Gauls to be taller than my Romans. Here's a size comparison of converted A Call to Arms Romans vs a converted Weston (Mexican Peasant) Gaul.

Del Prado Cavalry with Weston head. The original head sported a greek style crested helmet that I did not like so will replace with other heads as here.

Italeri 54mm Gauls slinger conversion trials. I may also use some as skimish javelinmen based on the premise that skirmishers were generally younger / smaller than main line troops.

Reamsa Gauls. I took a bit of a punt on these and bought some in from the USA. Nice figures but a bit too big for my needs really. Even so I will use most of them mixed in with the other troops and use others as markers etc...

Size comparisons of various makes. You can see how small the 54mm Italeri Gauls look in relation to the others.

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