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60mm Ancient German Army Completed. Hobby Post


With these final 4 warbands now based and just awaiting varnishing that completes my Ancient German Army. Once the Imperial Romans are also finished off I can post some battle photos. Teutoburger Wald here I come! 

Mostly TSSD with some re-purposed Marx Vikings, LOTR Dunlendings and home made conversions.

Bases are 70mm x 70mm x 2mm plastic card squares.

These 4 warbands make my final army total come to 6. Plus cavalry, javelinmen skirmishers, archers, a few beserkers and command. Will it be enough to take on the might of Rome? Probably not - they may have more chance pitted against my forthcoming Gallic Army - who very handily can act both as enemies and allies.

Each warband is made up of 12 bases of 3 figures per base = 36 men plus various markers (not shown here but see previous posts).

Once the sand has been applied to the bases with water thinned PVA glue and thoroughly dried I dip the figures in a thin black wash to both stain the sand and to add to the look of the figures. The old plastic hobby bits cases with lids removed make great drying racks. All that then remains is to add flock (which I have just done in the photos) and to varnish. If the weather is too hot or too cold (as it is at the moment) I have to pick my moment to varnish as otherwise it can whiten and discolour which can be a bit of a nightmare to say the least. Although I have found that respraying with Gloss varnish can eradicate the white bloom allowing you to then try again with the matt varnish.


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