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New HaT Generic Boxes... Not a fan

RUPERT MITCHELL New 1/72 stock blog

The new generic HaT box design...Not sure if this is for some restocks only or for all. Nor if it is a temporary or long term development. Personally I am not a fan for many reasons.

For customers:

1.) Some like to collect the boxes as well as the figures

2.) The original covers can act as a painting guide and inspiration.

3.) The original covers make it easy to identify which set is which.

For me as a retailer:

1.) Makes it more likely to have picking & packing errors if the stock looks similar.

2.) No EAN on the boxes - eBay, Google etc...increasingly demand this information.

3.) Where original and generic stock is on hand at the same time they will have to be treated as separate products with separate listings and stock locations. 

4.) New listings and photos and descriptions will need to be produced for generic stock. Very time intensive.

5.) Box artwork is part of the marketing mix that encourages buyers to purchase. An evocative front design helps sales. The rear design usually shows poses etc...and is also valuable. With generic packaging that extra edge is gone and sales will suffer.

6.) It is not just customers who have already bought sets first time around with original boxes that buy restocks - many are buying for the first time when items are restocked.

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