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Game of Thrones - Lannister & Stark Soldiers

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Following on from my previous blog entry showing some Lord of the Rings Orcs converted into White Walkers here's some more prototype LotR > GoT ideas I am working on.

The Lannister figure on the left is based on a heavily repainted Play Along Armies of Middle Earth (AOME) Gondor soldier with head and shield from a couple of different Supreme Medieval Russians. The helmet crest is clipped from a screw head cap. Cloak is from an AOME Elf.

The Stark soldier on the right is an AOME Aragorn with an Emhar Viking head and an AOME Legolas cape. The shield is a button with home made water slide transfer.

Figures are c60mm tall and based on 40mm diameter metal washers

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  • Persio on

    Fantastic figures!

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