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Game of Thrones - Lannister & Stark Soldiers (Hobby Post)

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Game of Thrones - Lannister & Stark Soldiers

Following on from my previous blog entry showing some Lord of the Rings Orcs converted into White Walkers here's some more prototype LotR > GoT ideas I am working on.

The Lannister figure on the left is based on a heavily repainted Play Along Armies of Middle Earth (AOME) Gondor soldier with head and shield from a couple of different Supreme Medieval Russians. The helmet crest is clipped from a screw head cap. Cloak is from an AOME Elf.

Converted Lannister & Stark soldiers

The Stark soldier on the right is an AOME Aragorn with an Emhar Viking head and an AOME Legolas cape. The shield is a button with home made water slide transfer.

Converted Lannister & Stark Soldiers

Figures are c60mm tall and based on 40mm diameter metal washers.

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