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Game of Thrones White Walkers Figures Converted from Lord of the Rings Orcs

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White Walkers from Orcs

With enough hobby projects on the go already to last a lifetime the last thing I needed was another. But you know what it is like - all of a sudden you get hit by the need to model or collect yet another load of figures!

So... Game of Thrones. I have now the urge to have a go at GoT. I was never going to have enough time/money/space to build large GoT wargames armies in 28mm or 1/72 so decided on skirmish level forces.

This is particularly sensible as I have many surplus Lord of the Rings 60-70mm figures from Armies of Middle Earth and Eaglemoss that can be put to new purposes.

I have done a few test paints / conversions so far including a Lannister soldier made mainly from a Gondor warrior. The helmet is tricky but I got there near enough eventually for my needs - will blog about him in the future.

Link added 02/05/19:

The orcs were simple to do and will pass as White Walkers - skin was whitened, eyes turned blue and bases and clothing wintrified.

Ancient Germans / Dunlendings will serve as Wildlings and/or Hill Tribes. A Papo mammoth will carry Manse Rayder.

Elves will service as Targaryens - looking forward to making these darker with Black capes etc...

Rohan will serve as Starks - shields coming along nicely courtesy of metallic buttons and printable plain water transfer paper to get direwolf sigils onto them.

Haradrim as Martell. Not sure about Unsullied or Dothraki yet.

Pegasus Vermithrax dragon will do double duty as both Smaug and one of Dany's fiery friends.

Merry in Rohan gear possible as Tyrion Lannister, Arwen & Galadriel conversions for Dany and Red Witch etc...Aragorn plus beard as Jon Snow and of course Boromir as Ned Stark.

So that's just Baratheon (x3), GreyJoy, Tully, Frey, Arryn, Tyrell, Kings Guard, City Guard sort out now! (The antlers from a W. Britains deer have already been earmarked for Robert Baratheon's Battle of the Trident era helm though.)


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