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Skeleton Warriors - Amscan - 60mm - Jason & the Argonauts etc...


I saw some bags of very cheap Amscan Skeleton Figurines for sale on a party store website and thought they could be useful in a couple of ways for my hobby needs. Firstly as skeleton scenic pieces - maybe indicating the scene of old battles etc...(see my previous blog entry) and secondly as Jason & The Argonauts type warriors or LOTR Angmar undead etc...- see below.

The figures come in a yellowy very bendy plastic. So I used hot/cold water to get them into the positions I wanted. To paint I sprayed them matt white then dry brushed with Vallejo Game Color bleach bone and off white. They also got a dip in Army Painter strongtone quick shade before a final black ink wash.

My usual beasty brown / sand / wash / flock basing system was used before everything was matt spray varnished

There are 4 different poses per 16 figure pack but for these warriors I used just the one pose taken from 3 different packs to get my 12 swordsmen plus one conversion from a scythe wielding skeleton to a flagbearer.

I could have done a better job with the shields had I had more time and my eyesight been better than it now is. Figures are based on 40mm metal washers.

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