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Airfix Waterloo La Haye Sainte Farmhouse - Gemioncourt Conversion - Farm House - Quatre Bras

RUPERT MITCHELL 1/72 Napoleonic Hobby Blog Nap Buildings

Airfix Waterloo La Haye Sainte Farmhouse - Gemioncourt Conversion - Farm House - Quatre Bras

I was surfing Google looking at info on the Battle of Quatre Bras and it struck me that the components in the 1:72 scale Airfix Waterloo La Haye Sainte Farmhouse kit could be re-purposed to make a nice representation of the Gemioncourt Farm - so I gave it a go!

Airfix Farmhouse

Whilst by no means a 100% accurate model of Gemioncourt it does give a flavour of that farm complex and will make a good addition to my Napoleonic and WW2 scenery.

1/72 scale Gemioncourt

Adding some doors and window frames from my spares box improved the look of these Airfix buildings much more than I thought they would. Painted using Vallejo Game Color acrylics with flock and lichen from Javis.

Airfix Farmhouse Conversion

Gemioncourt was in the thick of the fighting during the battle of Quatre Bras on June 16th 1815. Many gamers place it in the middle of the table with the Quatre Bras crossroads at the northern table edge and the French starting positions at the opposite southern table edge.

La Haye Saint Conversion

Pictures of the real thing and models of Gemioncourt on the internet show it sometimes in red brick and sometimes white washed and sometimes a mixture. I have chosen to show my model with uniform white wash walls and grey tiles.

Airfix La Haye Sainte Conversion

Based on a 3mm thick MDF board measuring 30 x 25cm.

I may now have a look at seeing what other Hundred Days buildings I can make from the La Haye Sainte kit although Hougoumont is not on the agenda!*

*That was what I said in 2016 - 5 years later I do have a Hougoumont although mainly not made with Airfix parts.


Dec 2020 Update #1. Nearly 4 years later and I have started work on another Airfix La Haye Sainte kit conversion. This time the Quatre Bras Farm. I will put up another blog post dedicated to this new project when painted and finished.

Dec 2020 Update #2. Here's the link: Quatre Bras Farm

Quatre Bras Farm. Airfix Waterloo Farmhouse. Napoleonic Farm.

Battle of Quatre Bras Farm. Airfix La Haye Sainte Kit Conversion. 1815 Napoleonic, Waterloo

Jan 2021 updateMont St Jean & Papelotte Like London buses nothing comes along for ages and then several arrive at once! I am on a bit of a roll just now with two more Hundred Days farms under construction.


For appropriate figures in this scale you can view the 1/72 Scale Napoleonic section of my webstore here: Napoleonic 1/72 scale sets

Unfortunately I have long ago sold out of the La Haye Sainte Airfix kits but I do still have some of the vac form bases the farmhouse was designed to sit on: Diorama Base

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Thanks for taking an interest.

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